Frequently asked questions

CHC43315 Certificate iV in Mental Health

Currently working

I do not have a job. Can I do the course with work placement?

Our program is designed for people currently working in Community Services or Health industries.

I work as a gardener at a residential facility. Can I do the course?

The program requires that the learner has routine access to clients.


Do I have to prove I meet the residential criteria?

If your training is subsidised, then we must keep proof of age and residence. This is usually a copy of your driver’s licence and medicare card. 

Do I have to prove I am working in Community Services or Health?

We shall need a work roster or other documented evidence. Don’t worry. We work through this with you.

Do I have to prove I am eligible for concessional status?

People who hold a Health Care Card or a Pensioner Concession Card, and people with a disability are entitled to a concession.  We must keep proof, which is usually a photocopy of a government issued concession card. People who are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders are also eligible for concessional status.

English skills

I can understand English with some help. Can I do the course?

Unfortunately, no. There are group discussions throughout the program and also many of the assessment tasks require you to discuss emotional wellbeing matters with others.

I am scared of tests. I shall fail the literacy and numeracy test.

It is simply 10 questions that you can go through in advance. If you still feel uncomfortable to complete it, then talk to us directly.


What is the learning program?

You will be live by video with your trainer twice a month. Your learning schedule is agreed with you before commencement of training.

What is a study group?

A study group is an interactive video conference discussion with trainer and colleagues about an assessment topic. You can attend more than one study group on a topic.

Is there individual coaching?

Yes. You trainer will work with you through the time of the program to ensure your success.

Digital skills

I've never been in a video conference. What do I do?

We shall look after you!  It is not uncommon for us to do one-on-one coaching related to using the software.

What if I don't have a scanner?

Both Workplace Activities and Assessment Booklets must be returned to your trainer assessor. If you are unable to use a scanner, then you can post these documents.

I have an iPad. Can I use that?

iPads and tablets are very suitable for video conferencing if they have reliable internet connectivity.


Are there any examinations?

Absolutely not. There are questions, scenarios and case studies that are completed at your own pace. There are also demonstrations.

What are the demonstrations?

Practical demonstrations place you in the role of a mental health worker and you talk to someone with an emotional wellbeing challenge.  The assessor observes the live interaction via the video conference link.

Tuition fee

I am not eligible for the government subsidy. How much will the program cost me?

The full tuition fee is AUD $3,500.

There is no GST added to this amount and there are no other charges.

Do I have to pay full tuition fee all at once?

No. Payment is in three installments:

$1,500 prior to date of commencement of training.
$1,000 one month after commencement of training.
$1,000 two months after commencement of training.


Is there a refund if I cancel?
If you have paid the full tuition fee and cancel prior to date of commencement of training but after the initial payment installment, then there will be a refund of the full amount paid to that point, minus $200 administration fee. If you cancel after the date of commencement of training, then there is no refund of any amount paid in the first installment.
If you are participating in subsidised training, then there is no refund of the co-contribution fee once the enrolment has been processed.